Tax Forfeited LAND FOR SALE


The 2020 Tax Forfeited Land Auction 
was held
September 18, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

  The remaining unsold tracts available on a first come first served basis over the counter for the appraised value are tracts:

Please contact the Pine County Land Department at 320-216-4225 if you have questions after viewing the following information.

All tracts are sold "as-is" and must be purchased at or above the appraised value.  Potential buyers are encouraged to thoroughly research properties before purchase and check with local planning and zoning authorities.

Information on searching land records (Landshark) can be found on the Pine County Recorder Office website.

Parcels can also be searched on the Pine County Beacon website.

Official plats with lot dimensions and other details can be searched for here, and may have useful information for some of the tracts below.

Potential buyers have the option of sending a mail-in bid form shown below instead of attending the public auction.  However, we recommend attending the public auction due to the fact that the highest mail-in bid at or above the appraised value would become the starting bid at the public auction, and can be out-bid at the public auction.

Check or cash are acceptable forms of payment.  Winning bidders must pay required minimum payment immediately following the auction. The minimum required payment will vary depending on bid amount and other details that can be found on the Winning Bid and Over-The-Counter Land Purchase Form.  For a check payment, two (2) checks are needed as shown on said form. 

Land auction terms and conditions, purchase calculation forms, and other additional information are outlined below.

After the September 18, 2020 Tax Forfeit Land Auction is over, any remaining unsold tracts are available for immediate purchase at the appraised value (on a first come first served basis) with easy payment and contract terms.

To purchase a remaining unsold tract after the September 18, 2020 Tax Forfeit Land Auction, please contact the Auditor's Office at 320-591-1666.  The Auditor's Office is located in the Pine County Courthouse in Pine City, MN.

Landlocked Property Info:
Landlocked parcels do not have legal access.  For those interested in landlocked parcels you are encouraged to contact and arrange access with adjacent land owners.  If cooperative access cannot be obtained, please be aware that Minnesota State Statute 164.08 offers specific direction on gaining access through cartway law.  All cartway proceedings are unique to the situation.  Be aware that typical cartway process may involve legal expenses, purchase of the cartway and/or other fees paid to the land owner, survey costs, construction costs, etc.

The local township is actively involved in the cartway process.

Interest Rate on Contract Purchases

2020 Tax Forfeited Land Auction Entire Packet
2020 Tax Forfeited Land Auction Terms and Conditions
Winning Bid and Over-The-Counter Land Purchase Form
Mail-In Bid Form
Contract for Purchase of Tax Forfeited Land TEMPLATE
Pine County Map with Tract Locations

2020 Tax Forfeited Land Auction Parcel Listing
2020 Tax Forfeited Land Auction Parcel Descriptions
Tract 1
Tract 2 SOLD $37,900
Tract 3 SOLD $35,900 (Appraised Value)
Tract 4 SOLD $8,900 (Appraised Value)
Tract 5 SOLD $23,900 (Appraised Value)
Tract 6 SOLD $25,100
Tract 7 SOLD $57,000
Tract 8 SOLD $15,000
Tract 9 SOLD $198,000 (Appraised Value)
Tract 10 SOLD $19,500
Tract 11 SOLD $227,000
Tract 12 SOLD $42,000
Tract 13 SOLD $29,900 (Appraised Value)
Tract 14 SOLD $7,000
Tract 15 SOLD $4,700 (Appraised Value)
Tract 16 SOLD $32,500 (Appraised Value)
Tract 17 SOLD $61,000
Tract 18
Tract 19 SOLD $89,900 (Appraised Value)
Tract 20 SOLD $62,000
Tract 21 SOLD $5,000
Tract 22 SOLD $13,000
Tract 23 SOLD $39,500
Tract 24 SOLD $12,000
Tract 25 SOLD $11,000
Tract 26 SOLD $40,000
Tract 27 SOLD $18,000

Land Department Contacts

Greg Beck, Land Commissioner/County Forester 
(Tax forfeit land, land sales, timber harvest and forestry inquires)

Joe Kelash, Land Management Technician
(Tax forfeit land management and sales, forest management, and forest inventory)

Land Department
1610 State Hwy 23 N
Sandstone, MN 55072